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At SHIFT URBAN we believe in the power of environments and the effect it has on its inhabitants. With the new office we took all the staff comments into account and tried to better our design outcome.  One comment that was mentioned by almost everyone was how much they really enjoyed the open space and the light in the current office environment. Since it is a 5 year lease we wanted to create a strong base that can easily be changed as the trends change. For that reason we decided to go with a lot of neutral base colors, white, wood, grey & green. With some aspects of color that are splashed throughout the office. We also decided to add splashes of tan leather throughout to create a more gender neutral look & feel.

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This proposal sets out our scenario to design and install a phenomenal, office at your new ARQ rental workspace.

As a design & installation firm, this includes the design, and implementation of the project as set out by yourself.

The space will be beautiful whilst being functional to your business needs.

At our last meeting, you outlined what you’re looking for from SHIFT URBAN
and painted a clear picture of what you need in your new office:



  • Contemporary open plan workspaces while still creating the opportunity for individuals to work privately

  • Create spaces where teams are able to collaborate and work together.

  • Must have very close contact with the client especially in relation to cost of build. 

  • Manage & oversee the build & installation


  • Willingness to manage third party installers

Office Wants

  • Increase productivity through integrated work spaces

  • Improve working conditions for staff

  • Create a beautiful space for clients

  • Shared ARQ reception area

  • Increase storage throughout

  • Add 2 x more executive offices

  • Add a library & Mothers room

  • Create a vibrant, fun environment 

  • Recharge/lounge area beside kitchen area with 

  • Private boardroom

  • Create a separate print area

  • Add hot desks

  • Luxury toilets

  • Create a group lunch area indoors & outdoors


  • You, as our client, will be involved in all the key decisions at every stage to ensure you receive the office of your dreams.


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